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Being a child in the 1950's, I learned early on to keep my visions to myself. It wasn't a time of metaphysics and open-mindedness. It was a time of restriction, fear, false values and "Are the new neighbors Communists?". Not really a conducive environment for a Starseed child to develop, however, I am now benefiting from the gifts of that chosen scenario. Silent dysfunctional behavior ran rampant at that time and a call for help was seen, more often that not, as a family embarrassment.

I had no idea that others weren't seeing and hearing the things I did. This posed a great problem with "authority figures" such as parents, teachers, etc. I was intuitive enough to read their truths and couldn't understand why they didn't express what they really thought. I would act on what I had "sight-seen" rather than what was actually said, I couldn't understand why they were lying and then tell me that lying was wrong.

I began to loose faith in the communication modalities, so I shut off my "sight-see" and taught myself how to do as they did, only respond to what was actually said. It was easier to get along but inside there was an aching pain of loneliness. I felt that something great within me was being denied and a large part of me was slowly dying. But who could I talk to? Who could understand me? Why was I feeling so different and alienated? The most painful was the invalidation of my nature by my immediate family. I was laughed at and ridiculed for "having too big of an imagination". (Which is quite funny to me now, since all these years I have been using my "imagination" creatively as an artist and now a sighted healer!)

Occasionally, I would find a way to set free the suppression of my "sight". I was always able to know where friends where hiding in Hide-and-Seek, where the softball would be hit, finding lost items, and most of all, I could see where the shy, bullied kids were hurting which aided in the development of my sense of compassion. I was a well-liked kid and I was good at sports, so I would befriend these kids that "didn't fit in" (knowing how that felt), and include them in our playing. I would pick them first on a team over the known best players just to even things out.

As time passed, I began to feel that my suppression of my "sight" or intuition was an issue of survival, so I decided to reinvent myself to get along in the world and still be able to use my gifts These are some pretty heavy concerns for a kid. But, kids think they can fly too! (Thank Spirit). One of the first conflicts I remember is that of religion. I was looking deeper inward for answers and religion told me to look outward. I thought, "Why should I put my trust and faith in the man at the pulpit? He has the same frailties as the rest of us. What makes him better than me to talk to my maker about my issues? He can't answer my universal questions." So now my religious beliefs were also becoming more private. I did the usual exploration of religions. I went to catechism with my Catholic neighborhood friends, listened to the prayers of the Greek lady up the street, learned the Shaman ways from the Native American who lived where we vacationed, asked questions of a visiting Rabbi at a religious carnival fundraiser, discussed and argued with an Episcopal minister, and just for safety to keep from going to hell (until I figured out what this was all about), I had myself baptized in a Presbyterian church where my brother's Boy Scout Troop met! The one thing they all had in common was to send me back inwards to sort things out. This is when I realized that the Great Spirit was within me all along and with this realization, greater doors of enlightenment opened.

The suppression continued and getting older didn't change things. I found that if I wanted to keep my jobs, I had to keep my vision-opinions to myself. But I still felt as though something wonderful was coming.
















I was in a long-term relationship that was very passionate, flamboyant and yet extremely destructive. It was during this relationship that my spirituality was activated from philosophical thoughts to life changing action. Like most of us, when we are discovering the accuracy of our visions, we practice on our family and friends and at parties until we realize that we are more than a parlor trick. My boyfriend was growing more and more uncomfortable with my abilities. He stood in judgment of me and looked at my abilities as embarrassing or flirtatious. His lack of understanding, and my inability to fully understand it myself, didn't help. He tried to suppress and punish me with his moodiness and retaliation tactics. He even tried to destroy my self esteem just to be in control. I kept thinking that with more work on my part I could fix this and save the relationship, but the denial just made thing worse. I couldn't suppress the deep yearning within me for something greater and the more I expressed this the more he suppressed me. I just wasn't able to walk away. I knew I needed help.

In September of 1998, my boyfriend and I attended the Renaissance Faire in Northern California, something we did every weekend of the Faire season. This was a magical place for me because it was the right venue for me to express my sight gifts. My boyfriend was so into the magic of the Faire, he seemed not to be annoyed with me using my gifts. We met new friends and I found many liked-minded people. One weekend, we decided that we would have a couples reading by one of the Faire's psychics. This may have been the help I was looking for even though, at the time, is was devastating. I had a very negative reaction to the energies of this particular psychic and as we left his booth I was crying. I was beginning to see the truth I didn't want to know about the relationship and the truth about myself that I did want... and the truth that these two issues probably aren't going to mesh on this planet at this time!

We left the psychic and wandered to the next site which was a massage and essential oils booth. I told my boyfriend that I needed to calm down and maybe a foot massage would help ground me. Choking back the tears, I walked up to the appointment counter and a woman appeared from the little house attached to the essential oils counter. I took one look at her and really started to cry. She was the owner and she immediately got one of her therapist to work on me... she knew what I had just been through. We made friends with this woman, who would later become my best friend, confidant and my temporary guide on this segment of my awakening path. That same day, she offered us a wonderful opportunity. We could work for her at the Faire in exchange for Faire passes and that meant that we could stay over night at the Faire each weekend. We thanked her and took her up on the offer.

The first weekend was very hot and very crowded. My boyfriend worked at the oils counter and I hawked for customers for the massage sessions. I didn't have a "Renaissance approved" costume, instead I was wearing a Goddess of the Forest creation with flowing green fabric and leaves attached to my veil and hair. My eyes were painted to be hypnotic and I stood on the slope of the site in the curve of a tree. I lured the people to the site in silence with my eyes and the dance like motion of my hands and arms. It was amazing. People would stop and I began to draw a crowd. Some people even sat down and watched in a hypnotic state for an hour. They took photos and videos of me, they were hypnotized. I began to wonder what it was that I was really doing and how I was doing it.

The next weekend was approaching and I began to feel melancholy. Looking back I know that I was experiencing the first step of the awakening... the fear of letting go of what I knew and the excitement of what could be. I was hesitant to go that weekend to the Faire, but my boyfriend was so into this now he talked me into it. I positioned myself in my tree and began my work. Suddenly, but gently, I felt a presence coming toward me. Everything went into slow motion and the sounds and smells of the Faire softened. As I turned my head to look, I locked eyes with an incredible spirit. He was captivating. He was an Asian warrior dressed in tight black leggings, fur topped boots, ceremonial knives in leather sheaths attached to a belt around his narrow waist and leather arm bands sat snugly in the curve above his bulging biceps. His upper body was bare and bronze and as the sunlight flickered through the trees his skin reflected highlights of gold. He wore a dragon medallion and it fit perfectly against his smooth, bare chest. His head was shaven and anointed with scented oil and his light green eyes introduced his seductive smile. This being had created an incredible temple for his soul and he had the confidence to share it's beauty. He continued past but I knew that it wouldn't be the last I saw of Blue Dragon. I knew that somehow this incredible being was connected to the enlightenment process that I had begun.

That afternoon, I was strolling the Faire woods, Blue Dragon appeared. We have know each other before, I thought. The communication was very clear and familiar. I was torn between the feelings of relief from the suppression of my spiritually impaired boyfriend and the guilt of my attraction. We talked for awhile and I realized that this being was stepping onto my path for the purpose of dual enlightenment. I asked if I may introduce him to my boyfriend, who was waiting for me, seated on the side of the hill. He said he would like that and with the introduction, we all sat an talked through the afternoon in the shade of the oaks. He spoke of meditation, marshal arts and metaphysics that captivated my interest.

The following Monday at work, as I was thinking of our conversation. I glanced up at the hallway and saw a figure coming toward my office. It was Blue Dragon. This was a refreshing surprise and a bit mystifying since I never told him where I worked. We visited for awhile and he offered to teach me a meditation technique. I made it clear that I was in a very intense relationship and that I was only interested in the metaphysics and to learn meditation. He agreed and offered to come to my office on Tuesdays to teach me. He knew that my relationship with my boyfriend was passionate but turbulent and I think he could also see that it was a destructive path for me that would hold me back from my enlightenment process. He offered to include my boyfriend in the meditation, feeling that it might add some enlightenment to my relationship. Well, it did. I was enlightened on how outraged my boyfriend could get. Sadly to say, I had to let my lessons with Blue Dragon go. Not to fear... our friendship prevailed and we are still teacher/student for each other.

Midway through October, I felt urges to simplify my life. I began to clear "stuff" from my home and work space. I completely cleared out two storage lockers, sold anything that I either couldn't move by myself, didn't use or wear in a year, sold my antiques to friends with homes (so I could visit and enjoy both my friends and the antiques), had a huge garage sale, revamped my graphics business, changed my accounts and the final block from my enlightenment... ended my relationship with my boyfriend. By November first, I was in a new town, in my own space and began the healing process of my relationship, rebuilt my business, and began my studies for my enlightenment activation.

By now, the woman from the Faire and I had become best friends and as synchronicity would have it, she left her boyfriend too! We helped each other through our "sourness" and she introduced me further to the world of metaphysics. We went to lectures and workshops with people who were like-minded in this field. The loneliness I felt all my life seem to subside... I had found my place. I went to lectures, healing demonstrations, ceremonies, workshops and seminars. I couldn't get enough fast enough. I was reading, or should I say devouring over 12 books a month and would read from at least three books every night. I was on a speed track and I was submerged wonderfully in the knowledge.























In February of 1999, I was in the throws of a major healing process and growth period which was in the clearing form of crying and diarrhea (did you know that you can leave a full cart of food in the Grocery Store isle, go to your car and cry and return 45 minutes later and your cart is still where you left it?).

My friend was attending a five session course on enlightenment and DNA reconnection in San Francisco by a Master Teacher from Colorado. On the last session, she said that I should go with her, that this was good information for me. I told her that I didn't know anything about the course or the Teacher and that I would feel out of place with the others who are so advanced in this area. She called the Teacher and had her look at my path through remote viewing. The teacher told my friend that I was on a fast track of enlightenment and my activation's are occurring quickly and that I should attend the last class to have my DNA strand reconnected. She told her that I would be more than able to catch-up to the others in the session.

This turned out to be a major initiation for me and it was painful, in a multidimensional emotional way. More crying, more clearing, more diarrhea (at this point I was beginning to think my psychic ability was telling me to buy stock in toilet paper!). I remember thinking, "What am I doing here?" I was doing fine in most of the exercises until the one that required viewing the future. I am a visual person and I am an artist and make my living by being visual. I was really set back that I couldn't see what the others were seeing in the future. I was curled up on a stranger's sofa, in another city, with strangers around me, rendering myself vulnerable, not seeing what they were seeing, and wondering if this is really the path I wanted to commit to. The Teacher said that I was looking more deeply than the others and that my visions or lack of, was an indication of a person being activated to assist others and the universal plans. She suggested that I return and have a private session with her so she could assist me in bring out my gifts and my mission.

The next day I returned for the private session. This too was an initiation, a rite of passage. She wanted to tape the session and the tape wouldn't work. If she took it out of the room, it would work again. I told her that it wasn't necessary for me to have a tape of the session since I knew that I was to develop my since of acute listening and integration of enlightened information. We began our work.

She handed me a book and asked me to hold it in my hands and without opening the book, tell her what I saw in the book. I felt that this was a test for her as much as it was for me. I did as she asked and began to tell her in detail what I felt the book contained. "I thought so" she replied. This is the kind of response that make you jump out of your skin to get them to explain faster. She said that she would explain as we worked our way through the session. As she channeled for me she asked me if I could see any of my guides around me. I told her that I was new to all of this type of thing and that I didn't know that I had guides, but that I could see someone in the room with us. As I began to describe who I saw she was nodding her head in agreement and a smile came to her lips and a tear to her eyes. What I saw was a backlit figure of a Native American Male approximately 40 yrs. of age. He was strong and very stately, like a chief but was dressed humbly with his hair loosened from its braid. His chest was bare as though he had just cleansed for a sacred meditation before dressing in ceremonial trappings. She asked me to invite him closer that I might be able to receive his message. He looked at me with loving fatherly eyes and I instantly knew that I would be and have been protected, guided and loved by this being. I told her that I was not knowledgeable about Native American culture but that the name I was receiving was Chief Joseph. At that time she told me that the book I was holding was the life story of Chief Joseph and she went on to tell me that she and I are sisters and our Father was Chief Joseph. I was told that I was the youngest and the last of his daughters and I was part of the massacre that the Nez Perce Nation had suffered. This explained the immediate bond I felt with this Teacher. I knew that this meeting with my guide would come into play at the perfect activation moment, so I didn't push. I had always been close to nature and remember the ways of the woods that my paternal Grandmother had taught me, so when Shaman energies began to develop I welcomed it in with excitement. I saw Chief Joseph again at my Sweat Lodge Initiation at the base of Mt. Shasta as he guided me through the ways of the Nations and initiated me into Shamanhood. I would again see Chief Joseph in a place I never thought him to be... inside the Queen's Chamber of the Great Pyramid in Egypt.

I seemed to be gravitating to the Egyptian energies and this was puzzling to me. I really didn't have any interest in this area either. I guess it was the obviousness of it all and I couldn't handle one more woman claiming that she was the incarnate of Cleopatra! I learned here that I had to rise above the "givens" and seek purity of knowledge and the protocol of the higher levels of spirit.

One night, as waves of enlightenment (incoming) enveloped me, I felt a presence and it seemed to move from behind my head to directly in front of my face. It was a large and strong energy. It introduced itself. I immediately called my friend and told her what had happened. She asked me if I got the name of the energy and I told her that it was a really weird name I had never heard before. She asked me again, "What was the name?" I told her it sounded like Hathor! She said, "Geezzs! Can't you start with a lesser deity?" I asked her to explain. She said "Do you know who Hathor is?" She began to explain this to me and I had to sit down because for the first time since all this started, I realized that I was really hearing and seeing these contacts happening by myself. Enter the Master had begun. I was in the training of my guides. I needed to know why and what for. I took the first step onto my path of enlightenment by my own choice.












In March of 1999, I gently received information about a trip to Egypt, a 50 member pilgrimage lead by the Berkeley Psychic Institute. I say "gently" because I can't really remember how this information was presented to me. I do remember, though, the process of deciding if I wanted to take this trip. I wasn't a student of the Institute and I didn't know if they would allow me to be on this trip with 50 of there psychics. But, they welcomed me in and I went to a couple of their trip meetings so that we would all be on the same energy wave length when we got there. I could see the importance of the meditations so we could move safely through a foreign country as one cognitive group with "matching pictures".

Now I had to find a way to pay for the trip. I asked for guidance and was about to learn about "manifestation". I had received a credit card application in the mail with a promotional of no interest for a year. I filled it out, sent it in and forgot about it. I was still looking for an obvious sign that I should spend this kind of money and take this kind of risk. That Saturday, I was returning to my apartment from my Shaman hike in the Canyon where I live, and as I entered the pathway to my door, I looked down and saw a huge dried beetle. It looked nothing like the beetles I had seen in this area. I picked it up an examined it and took it inside and placed it on my Earth alter. As it sat on the alter, something began to change. It phased into a lapis color, as though a veil had been lifted and it took on the characteristics of an Egyptian Scarab. This was the first sign that I should go on the trip. I think deep inside I was really afraid to go to Egypt because I didn't know what would happen to me and if I would return. Somehow it seemed worth it and the letting go was the key to the first door of the initiation into Egypt.

The next day, I was working late in my studio and I knew I had to contact the woman who was handling the trip by 10:00 that night to let her know if I was going with them to Egypt. About 7:00 PM, for no apparent reason, I wondered what had become of the credit card application that I had submitted. At 7:30 the phone rang and it was the same credit card company calling me to inform me that I had been approved for credit. I questioned the representative as to why they would call me rather than the usual sending the welcome letter and the card. He said that he just felt compelled to do so. I asked him what my credit limit was and he responded with an amount that was $100 over the exact amount of the trip. I said, "Well, I guess that means that I should go on my trip!" He asked me where I was going and I told him to Egypt. He said, "Wonderful, I am from Cairo, let me tell you all about it." We spoke until 9:45 at which time I thanked him and made my call of confirmation to the travel agent.







We arrived in Egypt late at night and were escorted directly to our accommodations. The next morning we were up early and loading our tour bus. We were going to the pyramids first for an outside viewing, visit some other locations and return that night for a three hour private tour inside the pyramid. As I sat on the bus waiting for everyone to get settled, I wondered if any of the miracles that I hear about in Egypt would happen to me. Just then the bus began to move and the leader began our morning meditation. Suddenly, I felt a desire to open my eyes and before me was the Great Pyramid... that close to the hotel. It was so overwhelming, so lovingly powerful, so wonderfully humbling, I began to cry and I spoke out, "Open your eyes, look, look!", is all I could get out. Everyone opened their eyes and the bus filled with joy. I could feel the miracles come closer and it was only the first hours of the first day there of a month long trip!

That evening we returned for our private tour which was to let us wander and explore within the Great Pyramid. As our group hiked and crawled through the Pyramid, I found my way into the Queen's Chamber and being the first to arrive, I began to tone. I wasn't sure why I was doing this and I hadn't done this before. I had only been to lectures where this subject was touched upon, but somehow it seemed right at this time. It just came out of me with great ease. One single very high tone that lasted in purity beyond what I thought my breath could hold. I turned and toned into the massive interior stones and they began to tone back. Soon, as others entered the Chamber, they too began to tone. The sound and vibration within the chamber was transforming. Then, an angelic choir could be heard that added to our toning and the octaves and sounds spiraled up and out as though the great stones themselves had become vaporous. I felt my soul-mind open. It seemed as though we were basking in the nectars of the cosmos. Peacefulness entered my body and my desire to bring this into the earth realm overflowed into the room. Gradually, the voices dropped off and I was the final tone that resealed the chamber. We all filed out of the Chamber after a brief ceremony in reverent silence and made our way up the passageway to the King's Chamber.

The Energy in the King's Chamber was heavier, more intense. It didn't have the light uplifting feeling I experienced in the Queen's Chamber. I felt more male energy and the grief and release was intense. I sat on the stone floor with my back against the sarcophagus, pulled my knees up to my chest, and as I draped my ceremonial scarf over my head (a scarf that I carry with me around the world to activation's and holds within it's fibers all my tears of joyous enlightenment and release), I began to sob. The leader of the Pilgrimage was beginning the meditation ceremony and I just felt that I wasn't to be part of what was about to take place. I was really starting to feel the intense craziness of a confined space. We were deep within the Pyramid in a single stone room and only one small exit to crawl out of and 49 people stood between me and that exit. Then there was the passageways that went on forever before you could find your way out. It was 120 degree plus out side even though it was near sunset and it was even hotter inside the Pyramid. The skin on my head tightened as the tingly tines of panic inched up my back. My face felt as though it was swelling and I was unable to move. But my silent screams in my head said move or die from insanity. I crawled over the meditating bodies and made my way to the opening of the chamber, I crawled through and sat for a moment on the top of the incline and look down from the Chamber at the dimly lit passageway. It was so hot and dry, I couldn't even get relief from a cooling sweat. I just felt sticky and my clothes and backpack were like suction cups on my body. I told the leader I would be okay, just let me find my way out. As I crept down the steep passageway I saw a warm, inviting glow from the side passage that led back to the Queen's Chamber. I felt the presence of Chief Joseph as he delivered the message, "This is why we walked with you through your sweat lodge initiations. If you could make it through that you can make it thorough this". I felt immediate relief and I also felt the attraction to return to the Queen's Chamber instead of leaving the Pyramid.

I knew that I would have the Queen's Chamber all to myself for some time since the rest of the group was just beginning their meditation and ceremony in the King's Chamber above. I had a great desire to perform my own ceremony in the Queen's Chamber and I also felt my fear of unworthiness melt away with every step. I took a deep breath and kept my focus on the glowing warmth of the dim light coming from the Chamber opening as I crawled closer to my destiny.


















I was directed by a "knowingness" to leave my backpack, camera and clothes outside the chamber. I walked into the center of the room and the Chamber air felt soft and warm. I felt love for the first time. I laid down in the center of the Chamber and placed my arms out to the sides and surrendered with these intentions: "I have heard you all my life and I have allowed it to be suppressed. You have led me here for a purpose and I choose to know that purpose. I have been treated oddly all my life because I can hear you and I want to know now. If not, be still and let me live a "normal" life and if so... let's rock and roll!" I then surrendered in all my aspects... and, I got what I call "Hit and Lit".

I felt a wafting of the scent of roses, as though they were being waved around my body. The room became a soft pink color and as I closed my eyes it became opalescent. I could feel my body melting into the stones beneath me as I became one with the stones. It was like I was being lowered into a library of information and a bank of energy. I sensed a presence in the room but I knew it was not a person. I did not open my eyes, I didn't even want to try. There was direct communication through my heart and my crown chakras. My body ceased to be heavy but I still could not move. Then, the Goddess unveiled. It was Mother Mary in Goddess form.

I said, "I know that I wasn't good at history, but what are you doing in an Egyptian Temple? And what is Chief Joseph doing here as well?" She said, "I see the humor guides we sent to you are activated! I have come to you not as Mother Mary the religious figure, but as Mary the Goddess, the woman, the female psyche. There are many here who wish to led you through your mysteries, anoint you for your journey and guide you on your path if you so choose. We are all master energies, high vibrationals that are not attached to any race or religion as was written in the Earth's history according to man."

"Is this the miracle I will experience in the Chamber?" I asked. "This is only the start. You will start here as I explain the truth of my reality on the earth and Chief Joseph is here to activate your Shaman abilities. This will keep you to stay grounded so you may learn to run higher energies and place them into the Earth." . Somehow this was all making sense to me. She continued, "With your permission, we will place the information in your higher dimensions. You will be able to access this information on your fifth through twelfth dimensions. You will share much of this information with others on the third and fourth dimensions to assist in the dimensional shift." I asked, "What will happen when I leave this Chamber?" She replied, "You will be joined by your guides, two of which will remind you of your healing abilities and teach you the new healing modalities for this time. They are your seed family. You are a Starseed." "Who are they?" I inquired. "This is part of your will find them by staying in your heart...this is the place of activation and the center of your soul. Everything through your heart."

Goddess Mary began her work on me. I felt as though I had hundreds of levels above me and on each level a disk or CD type of image was placed which held information. As I worked through each level, the next would drop down, likened to the old record players with a stack of LPs. At this point I was told that my body needed to be re-calibrated to handle the higher frequencies and to continue my path work. It was suggested that I would be more comfortable to be out of my body while these intense vibrational changes took place. It was made very clear to me that in the future, I was to stay in my body even during channeling. The running of experiences through the cellular tissue memory was very important to the Earth's Akashic Records. This does not mean that I run foreign energy through my body.

I agreed and gave my permission. I was a bit worried but I thought, hick, I've come this far and if it's going to kill me...what a way to go! I could feel myself drifting into a wonderful, peaceful state and my body felt light and every muscle felt relaxed. I felt a wonderful bliss and total connectiveness to the universe. I was there but I wasn't. As I was basking in the beauty of the cosmos, I felt a tug. The tug became a gentle wisp of a touch on my cheek as I was placed back into my body. Suddenly I could hear the group leaving the Pyramid and I panicked. I thought that I might be forgotten and locked inside the Pyramid alone all night, maybe for days. I tried to move my body and I could find it! I couldn't move a muscle. Then with a slam, my body jolted and I felt as though I had to create new pathways from my brain to my body. I began to move in an awkward manner and the disappointment of the heaviness of the 3D body saddened me as I made my way to my feet.

I crawled out the passageway from the Queen's Chamber and realized that everyone was gone. The passage that I used to come in was now dark and closed off. My eyes began to adjust to the dimness of light coming from the Chamber behind me and I could see another light source faintly down the channel. I put on my clothes, picked up my back pack and headed for the light. As I reached the light, I turned the corner and looked up to see golden hues stream down the darkened stone wall. It was coming from a small opening further up in the pyramid. I followed the light up the steep passageway. As I came close to the source, I realized that it was an opening to the outside, the original opening to the Pyramid. Exhausted by the heat and the steep climb, I made it out to the landing of the opening and was released from the powers of the Pyramid in a symbolic birthing of a gasp of breath. As my eyes adjusted to the outside light I realized that I was further up the Pyramid than I thought. There before me was all of Egypt creating a magical dance of colors in the setting sun. Rich purples and greens lay backdrop to silhouetted palms standing still against the golden hues of the setting day. Passage into twilight gave rise to small sparkles of the distance camp fires. I knew I was home. I felt complete and at peace.

I began my decent on the front of the Pyramid, stone, by stone. As I reached the group, I could not speak. They said, "You are glowing and you seemed to float down the face of the Pyramid."

That night, as I laid down to sleep, I knew that I was to enter into the mystery training and was reunited with my galactic family. I had found my miracle and the rest of the trip was built upon that.















I know now that I was being worked on by higher Spirit and my guides and I knew that there would be two more goddesses appearing to teach and guide me, not to say that there wasn't other beings assisting, but that I would have a triad as my base guide. From the time I left the Pyramid, everything I looked at became an image or a symbol loaded with information. With each image I could feel the activation of it's knowledge. Scents, taste and textures became highly attuned. I was also seeing things through a new spectrum of colors, ones that aren't visible to the rods and cones in the human eye as yet. I was seeing a template of colors overlaying the images.

I was staying in the flow of the Egyptian energies that I had just been introduced to and yet keeping a watchful eye for the appearance of the new Goddess Guides. I wasn't sure at this point how subtle or how aggressive these entrances would be. Every temple that I visited gave me information and greetings and I felt that I was being welcomed back to the Temple of Isis. By the time we got to Dendera, Hathor's Temple, the mother and aspect of Isis, I was really feeling the power of grace.

As we approached the Temple in Dendera, I knew that this was going to be an initiation and that the Goddesses who would greet me would of course be at this Temple. The Temple of Hathor. The Goddess who had guided me into Egypt with her introduction in my bedroom only a few months before.

After some meditations and group manifestations, we were allowed to have our private time within the temple. Everyone seemed to disappear in different directions depending upon the guidance they had received. Hathor's home seemed warm and familiar to me and I felt like a child returning to a favorite house, running from room to room to see if anything had changed. I wanted to see everything at once. I felt a frenzy coming on and I closed my eyes to calm myself. When I did, I felt a loving touch on my shoulders and I began the walk of my Guides. Some of the passageways were so dark that I had to find my way up the stone steps by running my fingertips along the walls. I could feel all the hieroglyphs and as I moved it was like reading Braille. I was getting information from the stone carved walls as I ascended the steps to the next chamber. Not all of it was discernible but I knew that it was being recorded on my higher levels to use later.

After making it through the dark passageways, I came to the next level and a set of chambers made way for the daylight through small openings in the stones. The first chamber I came to was very dark and the light didn't seem to penetrate this chamber. I was compelled to enter and feel the darkness envelope me. I thought that I would take a picture of me in the darkness (it's kind of a joke with me...I hold the camera out in front of me and take a picture, sort of a "wish you were here" type of thing that produces a very avant guard image). As I did, there was a brightness in the room that I thought was my flash, but the flash had failed and the brightness continued. The entire room was completely dark except for a light source coming from somewhere. I looked up and the rays of the sun were coming through somehow and hitting me straight into my crown chakra. I couldn't figure this out because there was still, at least, one more level above me. I stood there in the laser of white light. Then, I walked out of the chamber and took a photo of the beam, not knowing if the flash would wash out the brightness or not. It wasn't until I returned home and developed the film that I realized that I had caught all this on film. (The following images are the original shot of the light beam and layers were lifted from the photo that reveals the energy and entities present in the photo.) I could see that Archangel Michael was above me in the light working on my crown chakra and making his union with me that is still present to this day.

The Guide led me further and to the Sanctuary of Nut, Mother of Osiris, Isis, Seth, Nephthys. The human guide that was assisting me new what to do when I arrived, as though he was instructed to wait for me. He mystically placed and invisible bearer at the opening of this chamber so that I might have the sanctuary to myself for the initiation. People would walk by and not even see me. He told them that the sanctuary was closed temporarily. This happened for me the entire time that I was in Egypt. It was wonderful, it was part of my miracles.

I lied down in the open air chamber as I had done in the Queen's Chamber in the Great Pyramid. I gazed up at the painting on the ceiling and felt the full fertility of the Goddess symbolically giving life to the sun and all that it sustains. I was being reunited with my ancestral-galactic ancestors and I began to get glimpses of my mission path on this Earth. Once again I could hear the voices saying to me, "Remember, Remember."

Laying on the stone floor and looking up at the ceiling painting of Nut was like a cosmic blanket. The colors became brighter, clearer. The Lapis background gave perfect contrast to the gold images and the story unfolded before me. I knew then why I was a logo designer by trade. The symbolism was like perfect math, sacred geometry, not one line was too many and without that one line it didn't read. It was an absolute perfect symbol that held unbelievable energies. More information was activated in this chamber as well.

Each chamber, room, passageway was a cornucopia of stimulus and information. Each was an initiation and yet I still had not been greeted by Hathor. The guides led me to the back of the Temple where I climbed my way to the roof of the Temple.

Once reaching the roof, I was greeted by an astounding view. I could see the entire Temple grounds and sanctuaries. I could see glistening sands in one direction and lush palms in the other direction. It was late afternoon and the angle of the sun played out its drama on the surrounding landscape and the Temple itself. I walked the edge of the roof and made a full memory of the image and then I was guided down to the next section.

I walked through the ruins to a section of the Temple site that once housed the Birthing chamber of Isis. I wasn't aware of this at that time, but it was where my guides led me. It was also the site that our group converged for a gift ceremony to Hathor before our departure from the site. I climbed up the narrow stone stairs that were worn down in the middle and came to a partially shaded spot. I started to brush the dust off my clothes and arms and I began to move in a very fluid motion, it became almost dance like. This is when I felt Hathor's guidance and was taught the Healing Dance of Dendera which was the forerunner of the healing technique I would perform. (This reminded me of the movements I had used at the faire that was so hypnotic. I was being taught even then by my Guides that I would come to know.)


































































At this point on the journey, I was in a constant state of miracles and enveloped by spirit guides, masters and a holy entourage. My new friend, Marguerite, became my 3-D protector, an earth anchor so I could let go and still find my way back. Quite often our conversation could be quoted as, "Marguerite. Did you see that?" "No, Maxi, but I am sure that you did!" And then there was the times that we both "saw it"!!

Part of my Mystery School initiations was letting go, clearing, and transmuting energies. At the same time, major downloading of knowledge and past life memory was returning. I'm not just talking about past life here on Earth... I'm talking about past cosmic lives as a Starseed. The real revelation here was, that this trip to Egypt wasn't the goal, it was a step on the path to get some place else... and I had a feeling that it wasn't OZ, Dorothy! When you start to remember that there's no place like home, and it isn't this planet... if not strong, one could implode!

Philae, the Temple of Isis was our next destination. We all boarded our bus and started our adventure. I was unaware at the time that the Temple had been moved, stone by stone to higher ground to avoid being flooded by the building of the Aswan Dam. This made the Temple of Isis and Island that can only be reached by boat. (The negative powers of spiritual Egypt were going to flood the Temple and let it die in the watery depths, but the people of Egypt, who dearly love their Isis, stood together and demanded that the Temple be risen... very symbolic I'd say!).

As the bus moved closer to the harbor my feelings became more and more intense. I had a feeling of melancholy that progressed into deep grief and curiously loving at the same time. Overwhelming love. By the time we exited the bus and cued up for the boats, I was shaking and sobbing. I knew that this was going to be a huge initiation and I have to admit, I was scared. I could hardly walk and Marguerite and the pilgrimage guides forced me to go further, and I am grateful to them to this day!

I crawled onto the Egyptian boat that held about 15 people at a time. Everyone was splitting up to fit onto the boats. As the boat departed for the Island, I laid my head on my hands on the edge of the boat and cried into the waters of the Nile. I watched my tears join with the river and then I noticed that the waters seemed to become more clear. I tried to focus through my tear-filled eyes and it was seeing carved stones, buildings and ruins beneath us. I nudged Marguerite and told her to look down and see the city below us. She told me to keep looking and to tell her what I was seeing. I knew then that I was seeing another dimension so I surrendered and went deeper. Now I could see people walking through the watery structures as though I was watching a movie. The feeling I had earlier now became extremely unbearable. It was later in the trip that I found out that the original site was under the water at the exact spot that I saw the visions. As the boat docked, I jumped from one bow to the next to get onto the Island. I separated from the group and was greeted by the next set of spiritual guides that led me into the main Temple.

As I walked up the ramp into the Temple, I felt as though robes where being lifted off of me and anointing scents filled my breath as new, clean, white robes where being place about my body. Every step felt sacred like I was walking a ritual path. Each room unfolded to me and I felt the presence of my new guide growing closer. I began to hear singing and expressions of joy. I moved from room to room as though I was floating and I didn't look down because I didn't want it to stop. Everything was so familiar and the layout of the build was clear to me as I asked to enter areas from my vision memory that the human Temple guides denied existed. One guide did agree and allowed me to enter into a chamber by which you crawled through a hole in the floor and a lantern had to be handed down to break the darkness. It was an initiation room about the width of a small hallway with only one way in and out and it was deep in the temple earth through three floor portals. The walls gave way to images of very real messages. On one wall, the image of what many call the electric light bulb is shown in detail and on the opposite wall was intricate images that were different from others I had seen throughout Egypt. Why was this room so short and narrow with such large images on the walls. You couldn't backup far enough to take in the wall drawings in totality. I sat down and dimmed the lantern and closed my eyes. This was an initiation room. A way of facing the fears in the dark that confront us. A way to stand up against the dark creations of our fears. I also felt that this was a portal that could be passed through once the dark fears are cleared.

The art in this Temple was very advanced and well preserved. The wall carvings were in a very pronounced relief. Everything in this Temple seemed different from those I had visited up to this point. Tiny passageways gave way to large rooms with massive columns. Delicate alcoves turned into strong corridors. The entire site was impressive in energy and yet, I was extremely drawn to an isolated corner of the Island and sat in a simple arched tunnel that viewed out over the Nile.

I first walked through the archway to see the river hug the side of the temple site and before me was a curious island with jetting rock formations sort of the kind you would see on the top or a mountain. And that's just what it was. It was the top of the mountain of the original site of Philae.

It was very hot, over 120 degrees in the shade. I moved back into the shade of the archway and sat on the small ledge. I was viewing the curious rock formation and I felt a tap on my shoulders. My back was against the wall of the archway so I knew that this was it! I straightened my position on the ledge and removed my shoes and placed my feet flat on the earth. A feeling of peace washed over my body and the discomfort of the heat dissipated. I felt a presence of two light beings sit across from me as they prepared me for a sacred union. I closed my eyes and was immediately transported to a higher plain, but I was still aware that I was in the archway and in my body. I began to move my hands the way I did when taught by Hathor at Dendera. It was as though I was cleaning or clearing myself and balancing my energies. (This later became the healing method I would use on others.)

Then, with a smell of sweet lotus I felt an incredible energy slip down between the two light beings and our knees where touching. I felt my heart open and as it did an alabaster type of tube telescoped from the heart of the energy and connected to mine. Then my arms raised up in a parallel position and I could feel the Wings of Isis wrap her arms on the outside of mine. I sat in this position the entire communication. The love and joy was so abundant and I felt that I was in the midst of a great homecoming celebration. The knowledge was transferred to me through this tube and straight into my heart.

Isis told me many things, not all that I may share at this time. But, she did tell me to "... open my heart and live completely through it. The love in my heart is a beacon for higher frequency beings and it will always lead me in the direction of that which is conducive to my spiritual path. Stand in my love truth, see the world through love, find ways to express love. And, remember, remember, remember".

When the initiation was complete. I opened my eyes. My arms were still in the wings position and they were not tired. I felt people around me and as I turned, several of our group were standing near and had been watching. They said that they were holding energy for me to have my experience and they thanked me for the gift that let them see the experience. They also said that the beings I was communicating with were very glad to see me home again! That being was Isis in aspect of Mary Magdalene!