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In May of 2000, I was part of a spiritual pilgrimage into Nepal and Tibet. I am not new to these types of trips since my journeys into Egypt the year before. This time I knew how to handle the incoming energies and was prepared for the growth and transformation process that would follow with my return home. So I thought! What transpired in Tibet was a miracle that taught me to let go of preconceived ideas and stay in the flow of spirit.














































I have always been fascinated with Tibet, the land, the people, their faces always smiling, the brilliant colors, the clothing, the dances, the jewelry, the art and the obvious connection to Mother Earth. But this journey was about more than that, I could feel it and Great Spirit lead me to Tibet the same as it led me to Egypt.

I was guided to Nepal, get acclimated and then begin my journey into Tibet. I also knew that the initiations I received in Egypt would somehow come into play in Tibet. I was to assist in "threading the new matrix" energy lines from Egypt to Tibet and back to Egypt. (This was confirmed for me by Spirit as the opportunity to return to Egypt and lead a pilgrimage the same year was already set.)

We stayed in Nepal for a few days prior to our entrance into Tibet. This allowed us to become more acclimated to the environment, culture and altitude. We had arranged for our group to have a session with two different types of Shamans on two different nights. It was at our Inn in the Himalayas at 13,000 ft. that we met our first Shaman. The altitude alone makes you slip into another dimension.

This was a power animal Shaman with very strong earth energies. His energies worked through a black spotted Leopard. As part of our session we were allowed to witness an exorcism of a demon from a young village girl. His assistants started the session by making a small fire which burned ceremonially prepared herbs and laid out trays of sacred rice which awaited those who would brave the connections to the earth spirits. (The rice is ingested so that the spirit can find you and read your energies.) Then they began to clang ritual brass disks together to awaken and call in the spirits.

This place me on alert and I threw up a protective Merkaba to shield me from dark entities. He went from one person to the next clanging the disks to bring in the guides and spirits of each person. As he got to me he clanged for a long time and then bowed and nodded and went on. I thought I was possessed but later I found out it is because I carry many guides with me (250-500 guides most of the time).

The smoke and incense hazed the air and mystified our eyes and then they brought the young girl into the small gathering room of our Inn. The girl's demon was strong and unwilling to let go without a fight. Her eyes were jet black and look at the world with vile thoughts. Her face was grayish with evil and her hands were clenched with anger.

The Shaman began by identifying the energies of the demon. The more he confronted the demon the wilder she got and the stronger the Shaman's power animal became until at one point the shaman actually crawled, snarled and bit the girl as a Leopard. There were times I had to rub my eyes because the Shaman was phasing into the animal and was less like a human. Finally, the demon was gone and the relative of the girls took her home to cleanse and rest.

The Shaman was now ready to sit before the flames and offer his services to the members of our group. After seeing all this, we were speechless and no one moved. We didn't know if the Shaman was going to bit us or what! Finally the assistant approached the nearest member of our group and asked her to come forward with her questions for the Shaman. One by one we took our turn, but not everyone participated.

I stood to walk to the Shaman but my knees were weak. I sat down before him and the translator welcomed me. The Shaman said that he was glad to see me and that he respected the Shamaness in me. (I had completed my Shaman training... if it is truly ever complete... at Mt. Shasta just before my first journey into Egypt the year before this trip).

I relaxed in my protective Merkaba and communicated with the Shaman through the translator and telepathically. He told me to ask two questions. I asked if my health was okay and was there any message for me from Spirit?

I ingested the sacred rice from the brass disk and the Shaman began. He scanned my body and asked if he could place his palm over my heart chakra. I agreed and as he touched me I could feel the energy of the Earth. It was very similar to the feeling I had as a child when I would nap on the earth in the forest on summer days. It was also the feeling I get when I dance barefoot on the Earth for ceremonies and celebrations.

Finally he spoke. "You have a chemical in your body that is making you hot and the heat is in your feet." You must find out what this chemical is and clear it, all else is fine. The translator asked if this was true for me and I told him yes, I had experienced hot flashes on this trip. The Shaman said that it was the female energy of the body and gave me several grains of hard rice and I was to eat two a night for 21 days. He wrapped them up in a piece of worn paper and folded it in a manner that the rice could not fall out. He then proceeded to tell me my spirit message.

He look deep into my eyes, so deep that I felt our Souls touch at a level of truth, and said, "What are you waiting for?" I was shocked because I could hear this before the translator could speak. "What is keeping you from moving forward?", the Shaman continued. "What are you waiting for? Let go and begin!" I knew the spirit was speaking of my pathwork and I knew that I had to let go and commit to my work before I entered Tibet. I thanked him with a hug and moved back to my spot within the circle on the stone floor.

We journey on to the last town before our entrance into Tibet. That evening we met with the second Shaman. This one was a higher sect and a Psychic Spirit Shaman, the Llama type. It was whispered that he was part of the Dali Llama's staff before his exodus. It was a much gentler session but carried just as much impact.

We all gathered on the roof of the Inn and found places to sit while we waited for the Shaman to feel the right moment to begin. The electricity went out, as it does several times a night and the entire village was dark all except for the small flickers of the distant family fires below in the fields.

I have never seen such darkness in open space. The only light was from the candles around the Shaman. I looked up and immediately went into complete state of humbleness. The stars were so bright, so clear, so near. I have never seen the night sky like this before. I felt as though I was being smothered by a blanket of stars. I thought, I never want to leave this moment!

Just then the Shaman began to chant. The translator told us that the Shaman will have each of us sit before him one at a time. He would then clang the brass ceremonial disks about our heart and head chakras to call in our guides, spirits and angels. As they entered the ceremony the Shaman would call out their name.

It was my turn, and once again, the clanging went on for a long time. But, this time, new guides had messages and in the midst of calling out my guide's names, he repeated the name "Dali Lama" three times. I asked the translator if this was the Shaman's form of respect to the Dali Lama to call his name out in the middle of a session and the translator replied, "No. He has a spirit message from the Dali Lama to you." Now I'm shaking.

The Shaman finally stopped and asked me to ingest the sacred rice and he began the calling in of spirit messages. Once again he stopped and asked me to ingest more rice. My senses are getting really acute at this point and I am getting a bit nervous. I took a deep breath and settled back into the flow of spirit and we continued.

I was now prepared to ask my questions, so I asked the same as of the first Shaman, is my health okay and are there any messages for me from Spirit? The health issues responded as everything was fine but I would be experiencing some discomfort due to the extreme downloading of galactic/spiritual information and that my body would be recalibrated to handle the new energies. I though, as long as I don't have to eat anymore of this uncooked rice, okay then!

We now went onto the second question and this was somewhat of a surprise. I felt myself and the shaman float up above the blanket where we sat. Not above our bodies by only inches in levitation. We had phased into another dimension and I could see and hear our earth bodies at the same time I could hear and see the dimension we had just phased into.

Our earthly bodies were speaking during the session, but our higher bodies were about to begin an initiation. This was private so the others could not hear or see the phase but they could feel the shift. This is what the Shaman told me. "The information coming to you is for your pathwork for this planet and the galactic. We will prepare you for the energies you will soon experience. They are different that those you have given home to. We are confident in your abilities. We wish you to remember your mission here. The Dali Lama has a message for you."

"You will know your mission at the time it is to be instilled on the earth realms. Wait until you are in Tibet. Green Tara will assist you. Isis and Hathor will work with Kali to assist in the transmutation of your knowledge. Wait until Tibet. You carry within you the matrix from Egypt and your assumption of the work is correct. You will need to protect yourself at this time. We will assist. You will be assigned a Tibetan Record Keeper on your eighth dimension. He will be with you through the completion of your time on the Earth. He will hold the information for you and you will be able to access it at any time. His position will be to the front right of your field when you call upon the resource." We settled back into our bodies and the voices of the earth became one again.

I couldn't get up and walk so I crawled off the blanket and found a place in the dark. I laid flat on my back and starred up at the stars. This was the same feeling and position I was in inside the Queen's Chamber in Egypt when I got "hit and lit" with Spirit. So I did the same thing, I surrendered.

As I went back to my room, I wondered who Green Tara was and where I would met her. I looked at our itinerary and I didn't see anything about Green Tara. I looked inside my new information to see if this was an inward path and I got nothing. I went to sleep that night asking Spirit to give me a sign that I am doing the right things. At this point, I should have known better than to ask for a physical sign because when I get them its not always gentle.

My dreams were intense that night. I remember being in a Council of 5 and told that it was time for me to enter the ring of fire, my initiation. The dream went on and then I remember waking up to a bright glowing light in a complete dark room. I couldn't see where the light was coming from. I looked over at my room mate and she was fast asleep. I looked around the room and there was no light on or leaking in from outside. The electricity was off in the entire village.

Then I looked at my bed and the light was coming from under my covers. I thought, I'm too tired to know what this is. So I laid back down and told it to go away. A little later I awoke again. This time my body was aflame and I felt as though my skin was sunburned and the sheets felt like sandpaper. The next morning I threw back the blankets and I saw burn marks around my ankles link rings.

I went down the hall to our Group Leader and asked her to look at the source of these marks. She said, "Did you ask for a sign of your work here last night?" I replied sheepishly, "Yes". "You know better than that. These are the burn marks of an initiation by fire, a stepping through a portal. Don't ask for signs, just let go!" Hummm, where did I hear that before!

We packed up our gear and set out for our journey into Tibet. I kept wondering how I would find Green Tara so I could enter Tibet. As the bus pulled away from our Inn, the Spiritual Advisor for our trip said that we would be taking a small side trip as we enter Tibet. "It came to me last night that we are very close to an incredible Temple when we enter Tibet. I think you will enjoy visiting it. So we are not going directly to our Inn but will be stopping by the Temple of Green Tara." I don't think I need to add any verbiage here to what I was feeling!!!

After our visit to the Temple of Green Tara, we started our way through the Himalayas. Everyone in the group (who were all Buddhists... except me) were very anxious to get to the next Buddhist Temple. I had told our Group and Spiritual Leader that I would be needing time in Tibet to do my mission and that if I needed to stop somewhere could that request please be honored. I was very patient with others in the group as they had their turn for their places of energy on this trip.

As we made our way deeper into Tibet, I started to feel the energies come closer. On the last turn around a peak before us was the sacred Scorpio Lake. I knew that this is where I needed to be. I asked if we could stop and the group complained. So I said that I needed to stop to relieve myself. We stopped and the group piled out of the bus to stretch.

I told the Group Leader that this was my temple place and that my energies were here in nature and not attached to any particular temple. I asked her to please respect my request and give me just 45 minutes, since I had made no fuss about climbing 750 steps to several Buddhist Temples that the others wanted. They groaned and it was suggested that we continue on our journey. When we all returned to the bus, the driver said that the bus was broken down but that he could fix it in about 45 min. I smiled to Spirit and caught the wink of the driver's eye. I headed away from the group to the edge of the Lake.

There I began my connection with Spirit. I danced the Shaman Earth dance. I dance the Healing Dance of Dendera. I dance the dance of the matrix and was weaving the new energies for the Earth plain. I danced until I dropped. Once on my knees on the ground I was contacted by the energies of twelve beings. I was told that I was part of the Galactic Council of 5, 9, 12 and they would be sending me these alabaster type of energy cylinders to be place in the earth at the exact spot where I stood kneeled.

These cylinders were vibrational frequencies for the planet to heal and they were also anchors for the matrix to hinge upon. I was also told that the full activation would not occur until a later, designated time and by another high vibrational being. I was positive that it would be male energies that would follow my part of the activation.

These cylinders were about 18" in length and approximately 5" in diameter. The appeared to be made of an amber colored alabaster, similar to the one I shared with Isis in Egypt. They were sealed on both ends and a seam could not be found. They glowed from within and they had a soothing hum to them.

I began to place the cylinders into the earth a little bit at a time and all at the same time. No one cylinder was placed completely into the ground at one movement, I was playing them like and instrument and as the frequencies entered the Earth a shift would happen that allowed me to place the next cylinder. This alternated back and forth until all the cylinders were deep into the earth.

When I returned to the bus it was repaired and ready to go. In the meantime the group had an unsuspected healing and a sense of peace because we had stopped. I hope they found out that the temple they so desperately seek was within them.














































The Palchoi Monastery just outside of Gyangtse was a Temple that I felt a great connection. It is the Temple that combines all of the sects and includes the Palchoi Pagoda, the Temple of one hundred thousand Buddha's. The art work inside was fascinating. It has a warmer story to tell. I was also drawn to the rooms filled with scrolls and scriptures of knowledge.

These scrolls are places between two carved boards and stacked one upon the other atop tall tables. The tablets are stack all the way to the ceiling of the Temple rooms and they disappeared into the dankness beyond the light of the Yak butter lamps. It is believed that if you crawl under the tables through the Temple that all the knowledge of the scripture will be given to you. I did this in the first room and as I proceeded to the next room I felt a gentle nudge by my guides telling me that I didn't have to crawl under the tables to gain this knowledge that I could stand before the stacks and scoop up the knowledge and place it into my crown with my hands by way of the Healing Dance of Dendera.

I surrendered to this message and threw away my concern that the monks and worshiping Tibetans would think me ill fated. I entered the room by way of three large stone steps. I could feel every crevices in the stones even through my thick hiking boots. At the entrance was a monk standing before the shrine that was placed in the center of the area and all the tablet tables were against the four walls. There was a side room off of the main room that was long an narrow which held more tables and tablets. I walked the parameter of the rooms and returned to the main room. I gravitated to one section in particular and I just stood there at first staring at the tablets. The Temple room was gold and dark. I pulled my overcoat closer about me neck and as I took a deep breath my exhale gave way to a frosty shape before me.

The room was filled with the scent of incense and burning Yak butter lamps. The brilliant yet garish reds, blues and greens wove illusions against all the gold of the deities and figurines at the alter. The stone floor was like golden amber from all the Yak butter oils and the buffing by the feet and the prayers on knees.

I turned to the tablets and began scooping up the knowledge from the tablets and poured it over my crown chakra. Some I placed in my heart. I was well into this when I felt a tug on my sleeve. At first I ignored it because I thought it was a Spirit. Then the tug addressed itself as more 3-D reality. I look down and from the darkness of the room beamed a small round face with a huge smile. A tiny and ancient Tibetan woman looked up at me with an incredible energy. Her face was weathered by kind. Every wrinkle was a map to her life's belief. Her eyes were coal black and sparkled with a warmth equal to a welcomed fire. Her cheeks were rosy from the cold and her long black hair was neatly pulled back into braids that wrapped around her head and was interlaced with large pieces of turquoise set in heavy gold.

She tilted her head and never lost her smile as she pulled her frail hand from her wraps. She tapped on my third eye three times then my heart three times. Then she tapped on her third eye and heart three times. She wanted me to give her a healing and give her the knowledge that I was doing for myself. I didn't say a word I just listened to her heart and I did ask she desired. She nodded and grinned and placed her hands in prayer formation and disappeared into the darkness as mysteriously as she came. But, just then, another face appeared. This time a young woman with such hope in her face my heart filled with love. I repeated the gestures and she moved on to be replaced with another face. One by one, the Tibetans had lined up to have me perform this ritual for them. They were trusting me and I was worried that I might offend their ways in their temple but that wasn't the case. They just kept appearing from the darkness. I had no concept of time. Now they surrounded me and the monk clapped his hands and they were all gone. I looked at him and he said "We are done for today. You have just healed and brought knowledge to 100 Tibetans and each has given you their blessings. Your spirits thank you and so do we."

I walked slowly out of the Temple and the monks all smiled and opened the gates for me. I walked out the front doors and into the front plaza. I could hardly see from being in the darkness for a couple of hours and the light in the Himalayas is very intense due to the altitude. I stood there for a moment and I rubbed my eyes, when I opened my eyes I was encircled by a group of Tibetan women. They guided me to sit down on the ground and out from their heavy black cloaks, as if by magic, came iron kettles containing Tsampa (yak butter tea). They poured me a cup and we sat together. Two of them removed my had and pulled my hair loose. They began to braid my hair. The ancient one, who I had healed first, pulled from her pocket a large turquoise stone set in gold, the same that she had in her hair (very traditional female Tibetan ornament) and the wove my hair into this stone. My hair is blonde and very fine and the stone slipped right out. They all laughed and began fluffing my hair like the opening of butterfly wings. The were entertained by the light coming through my hair. They placed the ornament on a leather cord and tied it about my neck. I reached into my pocket to pay them and before I could move my hand they placed their hand over mind and patted it. It knew that this was a cherished gift. They followed me to the bus and kissed me good-bye. Ahh, Tibet, my sweet Tibet. You have not lost your country fore the people are the country. My prayers are always theirs.